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How TimeRiver works
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An app with many possibilities

The online time tracking app that makes you relax

If you already have a time tracking system, you don’t necessarily have to switch. TimeRiver can be connected and integrated with other time recording systems.

If you do not yet work with a time tracking tool in your company, we recommend that you use our app with the open source time tracking Kimai. Together they offer a strong and flexible solution for entrepreneurs and employees.

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more quality
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The complete solution

TimeRiver and Kimai - time tracking

If you do not yet use any type of time tracking in your company or are dissatisfied with your existing providers, we recommend the combination of our TimeRiver app and Kimai online time tracking.

Time tracking with Kimai offers many functions and is already available with a free version.

perfect interaction

Time tracking made easy – thanks to TimeRiver, employees are not distracted by their smartphones.

cheap time tracking

We offer you modern and flexible time recording at fair prices and conditions.

more time for the essentials

With TimeRiver and Kimai you save money and valuable time thanks to automated processes.

*Kimai is a free open source solution. Costs can arise from the choice of the cloud variant of Kimai, plugins to expand the functionality of the basic time recording, web space and domain as well as installation and maintenance costs. These are neither in our area of responsibility nor can we assume and express any kind of guarantees. Currently, Kimai is the most tested time tracking with TimeRiver. Kimai is looked after by Kevin Pope. Further information on Kimai, the range of functions, variants and licenses as well as the necessary requirements can be found at https://kimai.org.

TimeRiver freed

and ensures a better working atmosphere

Distractions from apps and chats are not only a challenge for employers – but also for the whole team. With TimeRiver, these interruptions are history, because with our app we offer entrepreneurs and employees a protective function against the well-known Internet distraction at work and ensure significantly more relaxation.

Features of TimeRiver + Kimai

Time recording, administration and documentation

Time tracking

No matter whether in the office or in the field

Select a project, enter your activity and off you go!

Time tracking can be that easy. And the best thing about it: Kimai remembers the last combinations of project and activity – so you and your employees can record the times even more conveniently.

Time tracking made easy…


Individual and role-specific dashboard as required

The dashboard is displayed immediately after login. Here you will find useful information about your upcoming tasks and projects as well as a graphic overview of your working hours.

The dashboard can be changed depending on the employee’s role.


Analysis and reporting

Administrators can create various reports in the Kimai time tracking dashboard.

In addition, projects can be evaluated and analyzed separately at so-called detail levels.


Kimai makes it easy to manage tasks and document progress. It is also possible to start the time tracking directly from the task.

Kimai allows you to assign a role to users and replicate your organization’s hierarchy. Approvals and corrections are made in the right place.

Employees can use time tracking to apply for leave. Their bosses then decide whether to get it or not.

Become a part of TimeRiver

Increase the productivity of your employees and reduce your operating costs at the same time

Does that sound impossible? Wrong thought. With our app connection to a time recording system, you create a new perspective for your company and, above all, for your employees.

FAQ – question and answer session

Time tracking via the app makes a lot of sense, since every employee can log in or out quickly and easily from anywhere using their smartphone. Our unique rest function tops the whole system and promotes concentration while increasing productivity.

TimeRiver is a modern solution and offers a completely new approach to dealing with smartphones during working hours. It makes it easier to use the smartphone during working hours and going to the time clock is history.

TimeRiver is an interface for existing time recording systems. Most systems can be operated together with TimeRiver.

The use of TimeRiver is very secure in terms of data protection. No personal data from the iPhone is saved and no log is created of smartphone use. Only the time is recorded and the associated functions, such as task planning, etc.

TimeRiver prevents Internet use for certain apps, such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Co. SMS and calls are possible at any time and are excluded from the silence function, so that employees and employers can stay at all times.

Depending on the consultation, something like this can be quite possible. In individual cases, we would ask you to contact us personally. However, the advantage of TimeRiver lies precisely in our rest function.

Even more benefits

for entrepreneurs and employees

TimeRiver supports both sides of a company. With our solution, we make work easier and at the same time increase productivity.

TimeRiver and other time tracking

TimeRiver and Kimai together is just one option out of many!

Our TimeRiver app is also compatible with other time tracking systems and can easily be integrated into your own system.