The future of time tracking

The time tracking app for successful companies with a patented rest function


TimeRiver can do that

Our app for your time recording system ensures relaxation

Our solution is available as a connection to existing time recording systems or as a complete package including Kimai’s cost-effective time recording tool.

TimeRiver enables employees to log in to time recording quickly and easily with a click and switches to do not disturb mode after a successful login.

This dormant function cuts off the smartphone’s Internet connection and prevents distraction from apps and chats during working hours.

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more efficiency
more fairness
more quality
more well–being
Our customer testimonials

Time tracking app experiences and ratings


With TimeRiver, I feel better and no longer disadvantaged because colleagues used their cell phones more often than I did.

Claudia P. | Employee


The introduction of the app worked perfectly. Our employees quickly got used to the new process and the feedback is very positive.

Andreas S. | Manager


I manage significantly more tasks and can switch off better during my working hours. I think that’s great.

Sabrina A. | Employee

One app, one click

The time recording with bonus function

Our TimeRiver app is an interface for company time recording with a special rest function for employees.

Thanks to our quiet mode, all employees can concentrate more on their core business and are protected from distractions from apps and chats. This saves valuable time and gives employees a free hand in their day-to-day work.



The time tracking app for every industry

With TimeRiver you save valuable time

It doesn’t matter whether you come from a craft business, a production company or a doctor’s office – with TimeRiver the recording of working hours via app is super easy.

With mobile time tracking via TimeRiver, you reduce the chaos of notes and minimize the risk of your employees being distracted by their smartphones.

And our solution works for every industry.

The added value for employees

Finally less stress, pressure and frustration - more relaxed colleagues and more

TimeRiver is not only a blessing for entrepreneurs and HR managers, but above all for the employees concerned. With TimeRiver, employees can breathe deeply again and concentrate better.

That's why TimeRiver is worth it
Our four biggest advantages
More fairness and trust

Allegations against colleagues who increasingly use their smartphones privately are history. The team of employees is getting stronger and new trust is building.

More efficiency and performance

The risk of being distracted by apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Co. is eliminated. Faster work results and better performance are the positive consequences.

More wellbeing

Digital consumption is interrupted. Affected employees regain more time in real life and feel significantly better and more concentrated during working hours.

Legally safe

The use of the app is always safe and data protection compliant for employees and employers. Employees’ personal data is paramount – there are NO logs of user behavior.

TimeRiver freed

And promotes team spirit

The pressure is enormous these days. You have to be available and present at all times. Above all, the Internet on the smartphone is a well-known risk for employers and employees.

Distractions from various apps and chats cause stress in everyday work. And stress is known to cause many problems. Mentally and also physically. The work and the associated performance suffers.

With TimeRiver, relief is provided and the team is strengthened.


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Future-oriented employers rely on TimeRiver

Do you want to increase the performance of your employees? And at the same time you want to relieve and motivate them?

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In most cases the answer is: no. TimeRiver requires an interface to an existing time recording system. Most systems offer this and can therefore be operated together with TimeRiver.

TimeRiver costs €14.99 per employee per month. In return, you get more relaxed, more productive employees and can hope for a significant increase in productivity.

Times can still be recorded as usual if the employee forgets their smartphone. A supplement via the HR department is still possible as usual.

Employees benefit the most from TimeRiver. Finally, the pressure of the smartphone for attention is decreasing again, envy and stress factors due to excessive smartphone use are reduced and the working atmosphere improves enormously. The psychological pressure caused by permanent accessibility is also reduced and health is strengthened in the long term.

We would be happy to set up limited free access for you after consultation. Just talk to us.

TimeRiver can show its positive effects from the very first employee.

Employees will also realize that the constant pressure of the smartphone is not good. Of course, they want to be available in case of an emergency (children, partners, parents, etc.). You can with TimeRiver. But the attention harassment, which is one of the basic concepts of modern smartphones, will be curtailed. As a result, employees can clear their heads again and enjoy their work more. Of course, this does not stand in the way of further company regulations such as additional vacation due to increased efficiency. If the performance increases, the company can also reward this.

TimeRiver is suitable for all companies and company sizes.

Absolutely safe

Protected data and GDPR compliant

TimeRiver is always safe for employees to use. There is no access to personal data and user behavior remains secret. Most importantly, our app is GDPR compliant and was developed in Germany.

Our mission

We also think of future generations.

Today, the ever-present Internet is a well-known threat to workers and employers. Distractions from the smartphone during working hours can affect health, efficiency and the working atmosphere.

TimeRiver has developed a smartphone app that uses time tracking to disconnect from the internet during working hours so that the focus can be put back on the job.

With our solution, employees can get more rest and relaxation again and at the same time a healthier use of the media is promoted.