TimeRiver for employees

More relaxed colleagues, peace and quiet at work and finally less stress and frustration

Work more relaxed and more effectively

To be free when you work – with TimeRiver it is possible
better working atmosphere

Finally work in peace. With TimeRiver, your workplace becomes a smartphone retreat. The team is also strengthened and everyone has equal rights.

better performance

You can concentrate again and direct your attention to the important tasks. Even better work results are possible thanks to the necessary rest.

less stress

Being available all the time can be stressful. We want to have an open ear and help for everyone. With our rest function, there is now one less stress factor.

more valuable time

The interruption of digital consumption frees up more time for real life. The work can be done faster and the time pressure is reduced.

What is TimeRiver

An app linked to a time tracking

Our app is linked to a company time recording system so that all employees can log in to the time recording system via their own smartphone.

In our TimeRiver app, employees only have to click the button “clock in” and they can get to work.

From the moment you log in, TimeRiver becomes active, records your working hours and puts your smartphone’s Internet connection to sleep.

As soon as you log out again, your internet connection switches back on automatically so that all apps are active again.


Conscious switching off

Smartphone Detox
during the work time

It’s almost like fasting at work. Digital or mobile detox is becoming more and more of a trend. After all, the smartphone almost determines our lives.

Some don’t think it’s cool at all and then decide to go on a mobile phone diet. Digital detox has become a modern counter-movement to online frenzy.

Even many celebrities and successful influencers rely on the new trend. After all, consciously switching off creates much more space for new ideas and releases new energy.

For more togetherness

Team building: strengthen team spirit

With our TimeRiver app, we offer the opportunity to build a new basis of trust among colleagues. And in addition, the productivity of the whole team is increased.

Team building does not necessarily have to be an excursion or an activity.
No – it can already take place in your own company.

Health to love

Find out how TimeRiver strengthens well-being

In fact, it is known from research that rest breaks are important for the body, mind and soul. But life is digital. Nobody can get through the day without a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

The smartphone in particular is a major stress factor. You can always be reached through calls, chats and various social media apps. This permanent tension is known to release stress hormones and stress can affect health.


More energy
more power
more time

More successful in everyday work

With the help of the rest function via our time recording app TimeRiver, employees can do more again. By switching off the potential for interference, new stimuli and information do not have to be constantly processed just because the smartphone is vibrating.

The resulting benefits are enormous. Experience reports even show that not using smartphones promotes creativity and can have a positive effect on self-confidence.

That's what colleagues say

TimeRiver experiences and reviews


I think the app is great. I log in and I’m already calm. It was unfamiliar at first, but now I enjoy it.

Anna M. | Employees


Sure, I often catch myself looking at my cell phone and see there is no more Whatsapp message. This also shows me how dependent I am in part and makes the problem clearer to me. Thanks to the app, I’m much more aware of how to use my cell phone and doing without it is good for me.

Tom P. | Employees


Thanks to the app, I get more ideas and complete my tasks faster. I used to be distracted all the time.

Ramona B. | Employees


Security theme

Your data will be protected

Many employees are afraid that their own boss can take a look at the personal data on the smartphone. But we can give the all-clear.

The use of the TimeRiver app is absolutely safe from possible access to the smartphone by employers or third parties. Among other things, it is not possible to create a log of the personal user behavior of the smartphone owner. Only the working hours are transmitted.

The protection of your data has top priority!

No Risk

In an emergency, you can be reached

All employees can decide for themselves at any time when to log in or out of the time recording system. Despite the silence function, urgent private matters can be clarified at any time via chats such as Whatsapp.

But regardless of logging out, calls and SMS are possible at any time, even when logged in.


Inform your employer

Stand up for your health and recommend TimeRiver to your superiors.